Your partner for rubber components

When it comes to sourcing precision rubber articles, Hepako GmbH (Raisting, Germany) has been the number one company for many businesses across the world.

None of the products we manufacture is a standard product. We produce all our products in line with the wishes of our customers and their specific requirements.

Our focus is on three product areas:

Complex molded articles

We are specialists in realizing complex, technically-demanding designs with very narrow tolerances. Our compression molding, transfer molding, injection molding and stamping production processes ensure that a production run is always perfectly adapted to the precise specifications of each article.

Micro parts

Miniaturization is a phenomenon affecting ever more aspects of our lives and ever more sectors of industry. Very early on, we recognized there would be a demand for miniature components and focused on the corresponding requirements. We are consequently in a position to manufacture complex molds for the very smallest of components (holes with a diameter of 0.2 mm; wall thickness from 0.1mm, etc.)

Composite parts

Rubber bonded with other materials is particularly important in many industries.  We have the manufacturing capability to combine rubber with materials such as metal, ceramic or plastic, which for our customers opens up further innovative possibilities.

Our products are used everywhere where rubber parts are needed:

Hepako´s markets

Why our customers choose Hepako:

Highest level of precision

Our products are manufactured with very tight tolerances and designed to meet the high technical requirements of specialist tests.

The molds and tools that are needed to produce the individual rubber components are designed by us and manufactured by our tool maker.

Excellent quality

The production of precision rubber products means keeping our focus on the highest possible quality and continuous improvement. This is verified by our certification in accordance with the international DIN EN ISO 13485 standard by mdc medical device certification GmbH. The quality management system ensures that the system, process and product quality is continually monitored and that improvement remains an ongoing process.

Years of experience

Since 1976 we have been producing molded rubber parts according to the wishes of our customers. With this experience, we support our customers from all over the world and help you to master even large challenges successfully.