Dr. Christoph Partosch, CEO

Dr. Christoph Partosch has served as Hepako CEO since 2016. He joined the company as Associate Director in autumn 2014 and was responsible for strategy, business development and sales. He has always been closely connected to the company due to his father, Hans-Dieter Partosch, who was CEO and Shareholder. Prior to working for Hepako, Christoph Partosch gained significant experience in management at various start-ups and also during several months abroad at a major Singapore industrial company. In addition, he completed several months’ university internship at the German Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Christoph Partosch received his Bachelor of Science in Business Studies from the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich. The focus of the last part of his degree was on Strategy and Marketing. A Master’s Degree followed, at the University of Münster (with a focus on management), and then a PhD in Economics at the Institute of Organizational Economics.