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Compression Set: Why is it Significant for Rubber Parts?

01. June 2022

You might already be familiar with the various characteristics of rubber materials and some of the testing methods.

For example, there is hardness, which is the resistance of a rubber to the penetration of another harder substance. There is also tear strength. It describes the force opposing the further tearing of a rubber piece that has already been torn. Of course, there is also compression set, which is another valuable characteristic of rubber parts.

But why is compression set so important? Is it only critical for specific items like seals and gaskets, or is it relevant for all materials? When evaluating the rubber parts that you need, a compression set is an essential characteristic to consider. Here’s why.

Hepako Precision Rubber Parts at Medtec Live with T4M

21. April 2022

From 03 to 05 May this year we are going to exhibit at the medical technology show Medtec Live with T4M in Stuttgart.

Find out more in this blog post.

Hepako Precision Rubber Parts at MD&M West 2022

01. April 2022

From April 12 to April 14, this year's MD&M West 2022 trade show will take place at the Anaheim, CA, Convention Center.

MD&M West brings together medtech engineers, business leaders, disruptive companies, and innovative thinkers to create powerful solutions and life-changing medical devices. With 1,400 exhibitors from around 70 countries and 300,000 square feet of expo floor, it is probably the most important medtech trade show in the US.

Visit us at booth 2526, where we will be exhibiting with our cooperation partner West-Tech Materials.

Come by and take the chance to learn more about us and discuss interesting projects.