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Fluoroelastomer (FKM)

04. December 2019

Superb resistance to aggressive chemicals and excellent behavior at high temperatures has made fluoroelastomer highly important in a wide range of industrial sectors. Articles made of FKM are used in many applications and characterized by a long service life and excellent properties under difficult environmental conditions, and good performance under dynamic load stress. The first fluoroelastomer was manufactured in 1955 and has since been known primarily under the brand name Viton, marketed by the US chemical company DuPont (now DuPont de Nemours).  

In today’s blog post, we outline the different types of FKM and delve into the details of the mechanical, thermal and chemical properties of the material.

Molded rubber parts in hydraulic systems

30. September 2019

Hydraulics are crucial across many technical applications. Basically, they are utilized whenever a system is required to transmit a force or energy with the aid of a liquid. Examples in which hydraulics provide power transmission are motor vehicles, agricultural machinery, brake systems, machine tools, presses, injection molding machines or lifting platforms. Rubber parts are essential for hydraulic systems to function. Without rubber molded parts such as seals, scrapers and O-rings, there would be no hydraulic systems. In this blog post, we discuss the basics of molded rubber parts required by hydraulic systems, describing the special demands placed on the performance of the elastomers, and the main materials suitable for use in hydraulics.

NBR (acrylonitrile butadiene rubber)

05. August 2019

The automotive industry is a major consumer of technical moldings and other rubber products. Its specific requirements, particularly regarding resistance to mineral oils, fuels and greases, have made NBR a vitally important raw material in this sector. Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber, developed by Bayer in the 1930s, in short: nitrile rubber, is an excellent solution for many applications due to its properties and therefore will be the focus of this blog post.