Hepako GmbH is started by Kurt Hegele, Hans-Dieter Partosch and Franz Kollerbaur in a garage at Pöcking on the shores of Lake Starnberg. A combination of the initial letters of the surnames of the partners HEgele, PArtosch, KOllerbaur becomes the company name.

To begin with the focus is on the manufacture of hydraulic pressure accumulators. More information is available here.



In 1982, after winning a contract to make silicone pacifiers, Hepako decides to go  into the manufacture of rubber components.

The demand for rubber products was high and soon Hepako concentrated exclusively on this area, and also moved to larger production facilities at Gilching near Starnberg.



In 1984 we were awarded the Bavarian State Prize for our achievements at the International Trades Fair in Munich. We received this award for the production of precision silicone bellows.



Strong growth necessitates relocation to Raisting am Ammersee in 1997 and our own production and office premises. To date, Raisting is still the headquarters of the company.

The move is anything but smooth. Four of the vulcanization presses are severely damaged in a transport accident and no longer operational. Production capacity is badly affected. Thanks to the tireless efforts of all employees, who for months on end work overtime as well as day and night shifts, all orders are nevertheless processed and completed on time without the customers suffering delays. 



In order to strengthen cooperation with industry, and improve our quality management, Hepako underwent TÜV SÜD certification in accordance with the international DIN ISO 9002 standard. One year later, certification in accordance with the EN ISO 13485 standard (at the time still EN 46002) followed, which includes the manufacture of precision rubber medical products.



The purchase of our first injection molding machine was a radical leap forward for Hepako allowing us to make huge technological advances. Liquid silicone rubber components could be offered, and the degree of automation and output volume increased significantly.



Start up of our subsidiary, Hepako CZ, with headquarters in Klatovy, Czech Republic, with which we were able to increase our production capacity.



Following completion of Hans-Dieter Partosch's  tenure as CEO a few years earlier, his son Dr. Christoph Partosch takes over management of the company. In addition, Dr. Christoph Partosch becomes a shareholder, while the Kollerbaur family sells their shares.  



Mr. Kurt Hegele, co-founder of Hepako GmbH, sells his shares in the company. Dr. Christoph Partosch and Hans-Dieter Partosch are thus the sole shareholders of Hepako GmbH in future.



Expansion of our location in Raisting. The operating area could be almost doubled. The extension created additional space for production and other areas such as quality assurance.